Brushware Buckets Wipers & More

Brushware, Buckets, Wipers & More

Cleaning , Sweeping, Mopping, Wiping – inside or out – domestic or commercial – our extensive range of brushware, mops, buckets, floor & window squeegies, bamboo and aluminium handles,extension poles, wipers, sponges, scourers,  and many other cleaning accessories will ensure the job is done right the first time.

We even have colour coded products to help reduce cross contamination between working areas. Colour coding products help ensure the right product is used to clean the right area to minimise the risk of bacteria transfer between cleaning zones and help improve hygiene levels.

On this page you will find the categories below, Click the links to jump down the page:

Crates and Lids      Tubs and Drums      Buckets         Bins        Bathroom        Floor Pads           Cleaning Cloths and Sponges      Mop Buckets, Handles and Heads        Brooms, Brushes, Cobweb Brooms       Surface Wipes and Hygiene Wipes     Other Brushware        Baby Change Tables, Trolleys, Spill Kits       Vacuums and Spare Parts

Crates and Lids

Tubs and Drums




Floor Pads

Cleaning Cloths and Sponges

Mop Buckets, Handles and Mop Heads

Brooms, Brushes, Cobweb Brooms

Surface Wipes and Hygiene Wipes


Baby Change Tables, Trolleys and Spill Kits

Vacuums and Spare Parts