AxiKem –  keeping it clean since 1985 Our extensive range of products serve a multitude of purposes. Whether you want to clean surfaces, floors, carpets, windows, vehicles, engines, washrooms, hands, clothes, driveways, ovens, kennels or even the air – we can help. We have a great range of sanitisers and hospital grade disinfectants as well.

Our products are Australian made and backed up with our same day service.

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We’re here not just to sell but to serve!

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Fly Sprays and Citronella Candles

Hospital Grade Disinfectant Deodorant Cleaners


Hand Dishwashing Liquids

Automatic Dishwashing Products

Odour Control & Air Fresheners

Laundry Liquids

Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

Hospitality Cleaners

Toilet and Washroom Cleaners

Floor and Carpet Cleaners

Heavy Duty and All Purpose Cleaners

Liquid Hand Soaps

Automotive Products