At AxiKem, we have a diverse range of latex, foil & bubble balloons to suit every imaginable occasion. Our trained staff will assist you in creating that something special for your celebration that will give you the Wow factor! Browse our balloon gallery and be inspired! Of course if you would rather create your own balloon decor we have helium tank hire available along with  all your balloons, weights & ribbons everything you may require.

Balloon Delivery is also available in the Griffith and surrounding areas.

Safe Disposal of Balloons

Axikem is committed to the safe use and disposal of balloons. To help protect the environment, we do not advocate the release of balloons into the environment, and encourage our customers to do the same.

Visit our Sustainable Enviroment Page for more information on Balloon Recyling: Sustainable Enviroment Solutions | Cleaning and Party Supplies Griffith from Axikem

Balloon Artists & Supplies Association:
For Information on Helium Balloons, and Balloons releases visit the BASA website for details.

Balloon Recycling Australia:
For information on Recycling Balloons visit their website for more details.

Axi-Kem are proud members of:

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    We love our balloons and hope you do to!

    We have provided the following information, so you can safely enjoy these balloons as long as possible.

    Your balloons will last longer if they are not exposed to extreme temperatures. Please don’t leave them in a CAR unattended. If they get rained on and start to droop, don’t worry – they’ll float again when dry.

    To make your balloons float, they have been filled with helium. Helium is a non-toxic, nonflammable gas that is safe for the environment. Please do not inhale the helium. When helium is inhaled, it fills the lungs, taking the place of oxygen your lungs need.

    A 30cm latex balloon will float for approximately 12 hours. Latex balloons that have been treated with a balloon flight extender will float even longer.

    Microfoil and plastic bubble balloons will float for 5 to 14 days, depending on the size. These balloons are not biodegradable. Microfoil balloons can conduct electricity if they come into contact with power lines. So please make sure your foil balloons are always attached to a weight, and NEVER release them.

    For ease of transportation we have secured your balloons in a plastic bag. It is very important that you remove your balloons from this bag within an hour of collection. Otherwise this may affect the length of time your balloons will fly.

    For Personalised Balloons: the vinyl will lift after a period of time as the helium in the balloon contracts and expands. The rate at which this occurs is unpredictable as the balloon is subject to climatic conditions. Cold in winter, Hot in Summer, and the way it is cared for etc..

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